A Guide to Choosing and Sending Funeral Flowers

Flowers have always been a way for us to express our deepest emotions, be it happy or sad. The loss of a loved one is the most painful thing a person can experience. As a friend or relative of a person who’s grieving, you’d want to be there for them in their hard times but sometimes words either fail you or are just not enough or appropriate. In such times, flowers can do the work for you and let your loved ones know that you’re there to support, comfort, and console them. However, given the sensitivity of the occasion, people are, more often than not, confused about a lot of things regarding the process of sending funeral flowers. Here’s a list of things you need to know before you decide to send the floral arrangement:

Consider the Meanings of Flowers and Colors

With their mesmerizing beauty, each flower is also encapsulated with a unique and special meaning. It is especially important to consider their meanings when deciding flowers for a funeral. Flowers bring hope, positivity, and compassion during despondent times. Symbols of innocence and purity, Lilies are one of the most popular choices for funerals. Among some of the other popular funeral flowers are Gladiolus, Chrysanthemums, Carnations, and Orchids.

Make your Decision on Style of the Arrangement

There are a wide range of floral arrangement styles available and you can choose the one that you feel represents your emotions the best. Wreaths, Crosses, and Hearts are among the most preferred options. Each option comes with a different embedded meaning. The round shape of a wreath is representative of the eternity of life, whereas a cross signifies faith. The heart is a direct display of your love and compassion. Designed and displayed on easels, standing sprays or stand arrangements are also a viable option, used widely. You can also send your condolences and support by sending a flower basket.

Be Aware of the Faith of the Deceased and Relatives

The ritual of sending flowers is heavily dependent on the religion and faith of the departed soul and their family. For instance, some faiths like Islam and Judaism do not involve sending flowers in their funeral services. In Hindu religion as well, gifts or flowers are traditionally not a part of the funeral custom and you’re supposed to attend it empty-handed. In Buddhist funeral ceremonies, red flowers are considered inappropriate and white flowers are the preferred traditional choice.

Choose the Appropriate Sympathy Message

At times like these, it’s often difficult to find words that are appropriate and adequately represent your sentiments. Even so, it’s always a good idea to include a sympathy message card with your floral arrangement so that your feelings do not seem empty. Words that come straight from the heart are always the best option. Your message doesn’t have to be very fancy, just a few kind words of sympathy and benevolence would be more than sufficient. While writing the messages you need to first reflect on your relationship with the deceased and draft your message accordingly. Think about the things you would find comforting in times of grieving. You can also mention a fond memory.

Take Care of the Day and Time for Delivery

Along with being appropriate for the occasion, you’d also want your flowers to be delivered on time, therefore while you book your floral arrangement double-check the day and time of the delivery so that by sending them at the wrong time you don’t make a bad impression.


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