6 Family Gift Ideas That Anyone Would Love

Be it your own, or friends, buying gifts for an entire family can be a ticklish task because not everyone has the same taste or preferences. The gift has to be something that from the kids of the family to the grandparent’s everyone can equally appreciate. You should also look at something which has the best service to pick your option to avoid the unwanted delays if it is a last-minute surprise for them.  If the gift is for a large family and you’re on a limited budget you also might find that most options exceed your financial limit. That is why we’ve rounded up a list of great affordable family gift ideas suitable for every age group.

1) Family Pleasure Trip

If you’re considering gifting something to your family, a family trip is perhaps the best idea. Maybe you live away from your family for education or work or maybe you have a busy professional life that doesn’t leave you enough time. There can be many reasons in today’s hectic lifestyle why you don’t get enough opportunities to spend quality time with your family and that is why we feel a family trip is just what you need. A family trip is a very versatile option as you can customize it to suit your requirements. The trip can be anything from a few hours to a few days long. You can not only choose the duration but also the place that matches your budget. The trip can be to an amusement park, or a zoo, or a hill station the choice is yours.

2) Lunch/Dinner Party

To celebrate buying a new house or parents’ anniversary, a dinner or lunch party fits every occasion. It can be a time for your family members to enjoy, catch up, laugh, and bond. With a dinner or lunch party, you also don’t have to worry about different individual preferences of your family members. If you are not hosting a very large family and know how to cook you can prepare the food yourself or if you have the budget you can opt for a fancy restaurant.

3) Movie Time Together

Families bond together when they laugh together and movie nights are the perfect opportunity for that. A movie night can bring the entire family under one roof on a single couch. Choose a movie with themes that are beneficial for the cognitive and character development of the children of your family. Also, make sure the movie has a fair amount of happy moments and isn’t too depressing. Adequate stock of snacks and beverages will only enhance the fun quotient.

4) A Big Flower Arrangement

Flowers are known to carry positive feelings of happiness, hope, love, and care. They are a great gift option for almost every occasion, especially ones that call for celebrations. You get a diverse range of flower arrangement types such as flower bouquets, flowers in box, flower baskets etc. that you can choose from as per the requirements of the occasion and your budget. Floral arrangements are ideal gifts for neighbors or relatives.

5) Customized Gourmet Basket

If you want your gift or treat to be related to food but find yourself unable to host a dinner or a lunch, then you should go for an aesthetically pleasing and mouth-watering Gourmet Basket. Based on your skills and budget you can either create one yourself or buy one such arrangement. Make it easier by ordering online if the supplier offers an attractive gift packing and home delivery.

6) Home Appliances

A home appliance is something that everyone in a family is definitely going to use. So if you want something that is truly useful and durable, something that will always remind your or your friend’s family of you whenever they look at it then you should certainly go for a home appliance. From a fridge to a juicer, there’s a large list of home appliances that you can select from according to your budget. You would also want to choose something that the family truly needs and doesn’t already have.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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