Why is it Difficult to Deliver Flowers to a Tourist Arriving at the Airport?

Receiving someone at the airport with a bouquet or few flowers is a good way to express our emotions and this makes the day very much lovable and memorable. It would be a mesmerizing experience when you are received by someone with a bouquet of flowers at a time when you are exhausted after a tiresome journey. Airport flower delivery is a great way to convey several emotions like love, friendship, care, joy and happiness. Each color and each flower conveys special messages and must be too careful not to mix the messages. But recently people find it difficult to deliver flowers to a tourist or their dear ones due to several reasons. Here are a few reasons which contribute to the ceasing of this popular airport culture.

  • Airport Security Protocols

Due to safety concerns, airport security procedures are getting more strict. Nowadays, giving flowers as a gift is challenging because of stricter safety regulations. The more stringent safety precautions are causing problems for a number of travelers and their receivers.

  • Latest Covid 19 Rules and Regulations 

The onset of Covid19 pandemic has introduced social distancing and increased individual hygiene. Covid19 has led to the ceasing and popping up of many popular cultures and the delivery of flowers at the airport comes under this category. Unnecessary touching and exposure to random subjects are strictly banned in this pandemic era. So it would be difficult to get the green signal from the Airport security force to take the flowers in after the security checkups. Even if you get pass the security officials try to ensure the hygiene of the flowers.

  • Flight Schedule and Possible Delays 

There are high chances of possible delays of flight and rescheduling of the same.  So it will affect the quality and the freshness of the flower and would not give the expected results. So this can be considered as one of the reasons for the failure of the delivery of the flower to tourists and our near and dear ones.

  • Difficulty in Contacting and Meeting the Person 

It would be difficult to find and contact our guests from the large and busy crowds at the airport, and this delay may make our beautiful flowers dull and useless. So this would result in our efforts going in vain.

  • Difficulty of the Recipient in Receiving & Carrying the Arrangement 

Our guests or dear ones may have been tired of long and tiresome journeys for hours in the plane, so it would be difficult for them to receive and carry the flowers or bouquet along with them throughout their journey back to home. Also some people may be allergic to some flower dust, so ignorance of their guest’s history of allergic reaction on the delivery of flowers may result in a chaotic situation.

  • Higher Expenses of Parking at Airport 

Parking expenses at the airport is higher than the rates in other parking areas. Thus, more the waiting, the higher the expenses. The recipient may arrive late due to flight delays and thus there may be higher parking charges applicable as per the time. We provide free delvery anywhere in Dubai and thus cannot afford higher parking expenses.

Due to the above reasons, we avoid taking orders for flower delivery for a tourist arriving at Dubai Airport. However, if the recipient is working in a department at the airport we can call her and hand over the bouquet, charging extra delivery charges. However do not worry about the airport flower delivery, there may be a flower shop in every airport to buy a bunch of roses and receive your loved one. Also there may be a shop along the airport road, at your convenience.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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