Whom Should You Contact for a Fast Flower Delivery in Dubai

Fast flower delivery Dubai by D.F.D
Fast Flower Delivery

            When the need is urgent and the flowers to be reached within a few hours we cannot blindly book an order with any florist found online. Certainly we need to call the flower shop and check before making an order about what time or within how many hours the delivery can be completed. Most of the shops would be busy in the morning hours with previous day bookings, office arrangements or same day early morning orders. When you need a flower delivery before 1 PM on same day, it is better to call the florist and check the possibility and then act accordingly.

A Few Suggestions to get a speedy service

1)        Search online for a florist that appears to be a local one with a proper shop. Check the telephone number and contact details.

2)       Call the given number and ask if they can deliver within the required time range.

3)       If they agree to deliver then place the order online or make them take down the order over phone.

4)       If you would like to pay cash upon delivery it is better to ask them to deliver and take cash.

5)      If the delivery is to a different location and not to your office, tell the florist to collect cash after delivery from your office.

6)      If you need to use corporate or personal credit card ask the flower shop to send a link to make the payment online.

Time Ranges to deliver flowers in Dubai on Same Day.

a)      10 am to 1 Pm – Morning session may be fully or partly occupied by previous bookings. Call the florist and check if it is possible to deliver before 1 PM if the order is placed by 10 Am. Here florist gets 3 hours to prepare the arrangement and deliver it. If the order is placed early morning on same day it can get delivered in 10 Am to 1 Pm session.

b)      1 Pm to 5 Pm- Afternoon session is mainly for the same day orders delivery.  Online or telephone orders submitted up to 2 PM can be delivered before 5 PM to an office address.

c)       6 Pm to 8 Pm- This is special delivery timing but with no extra charges. This may mainly for the people who reach home after finishing the work for the day or those who submit the order late for delivery to a residence address.

Telephone Number to Call for Speedy Delivery

Call on 00971504236374 or send a text message to the same number. Call between 7 Am and 10 Pm for any support or information regarding flower delivery in Dubai.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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