Best Ways to Create and Nurture a Vertical Garden for Home

Orchid plant pot

Vertical gardens are the current trendsetters. The biggest takeaway is that they can be set up both indoors and outdoors. Whether it is for turning your surroundings green, ‘greening’ up your interiors or just for a partition between two spaces, vertical gardens are the go-to creative and environment-friendly solution. There are zillions of options available for its purpose, as does in the case of the plant variety used. There are literally zero restrictions on which plant type is suitable for your vertical beauty set-up. You can go for shrubs, indoor plants, annuals, perennials, or whichever type you want. This time, we are here to lend you a hand in setting up a state-of-the-art vertical garden in the easiest way possible for your home sweet home.

Stand-Alone Wall Arrangement

How about converting your non-living wall into a living, breathing one? No, we are not joking! Wall arrangement is something that would do magic to your dull looking walls into green masterpieces. Also, it is one of the best options of using original plants and flowers for home decoration. Going for wall arrangement is the best thing you can do for both your walls and health. On the health front, installing it will make your surroundings calm, peaceful and relaxing. Thus, install this ‘living wall’ and make way to a stress-free lifestyle.

Copper Pipe Hanging Planter

This is legit one of the cutest and easiest arrangements for your homes. The best part is that one can throw endless creative ideas to set up the arrangement and make their gardens ‘the one and only’. There are numerous tutorials available online if you intend for a one-man show, or you can seek help from your dear ones, and it will be the most fun group activity you have ever done with them. You can go for any style hangers for your pot beauties and see them brighten your long day within seconds.

Ladder Planting

Vertical ladder planting is the most creative and DIY vertical garden idea ever. If you have space issues for your garden, we suggest tackling them with this ornamental arrangement. With your creative head, you can go for varied ladder planting ideas as per the space available. Tiered ladder, vintage ladder, old ladder planting, ladder vegetable garden are some of the common options. Also consider using flowers plants which contribute multiple purposes. For example, flowers with medicinal properties which will help you to make a wonderful combination of colors to the space and give a healthy environment to you as well.

Wood Shelving Planter

This arrangement is the next variety option available. Wood shelving takes up a tad bit of space compared to other arrangements. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about not being able to include or increase plant varieties in your arrangement. You can expand it by multiplying the number of shelves, and the number can depend upon the shape of the arrangement. Online sites are filled with creative options for wood shelving planters like metal wall planters, flower stands, cedar planters and so on.

Hanging Bucket Arrangement 

These are the cutest arrangements for beautifying your favorite space. Give your kitchen, study room, porch or home office a makeover with these hanging beauties. You can choose colorful and stylish baskets or buckets as per your taste. Going for quality buckets can ensure long life and durability. Again, you have multiple creative options available since hanging buckets are the one-stop destination of plant lovers in the modern era. Metal, ceramic, terracotta etc., are some bucket type options you can consider.


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