Different types of Orchids for Every Occasion!

60 purple orchid flower standOne could feel a breathing soul within the whole occasion, with different varieties of orchids that can make your event throbbing with life. Orchids are a living epitome of beauty and bashfulness. They dominate the festive mood and wedding ceremonies are incomplete without their bright and breezy hues. There are a few of the most popular varieties of orchids that speak volumes of elegance and classiness. Let’s see how you can use these different orchid varieties to spark up your occasion.

Cattleya magical blossoms that bloom once in a year

If you really want to give a royal feel to your wedding, engagement or marriage anniversary then cattleya the large, showy flowers can be the ideal choice. Even though they bloom once in a year, they bring out the festive delight and warmth during the festive season. Grab a bunch of fresh varieties of them for the classic vintage vibe.

Cymbidium, a blend of perfect hues for all the brides

If you’re someone who yearns for something new and fresh, then cymbidium can be a delightful bliss for your event. Add some popping colors to your event like candy colors of green mint, sizzling pink or coral with these pink, red and yellow flowers. The perfect bridal arrangement with these  beautiful flowers will certainly, wow and woo your guests in a single glance.

Dendrobium Orchids: Make a statement with it

If you’re throwing a cute occasion like a bridal shower, birthday or bachelor party then dendrobium can instantly lighten up the mood of your guests. They’re available in pink, white, purple, red and various different hues and look breathtakingly beautiful. Whether it’s a voluminous bouquet or chandeliers decorated with these flowers they are a must-have part of every dreamy occasion.

Miltonia: Perfume is in the air

If you wish to have a soft fragrance in your occasion that can mesmerize the guests, then you’ll be glad to know that Miltonia flowers carry a sweet fragrance with them that can spritz freshness in the air. They come in a variety of colors to fit your individual taste and can make your event the talk of the town with their irresistible impression.

Oncidium: Airy blooms that echo all your senses

Are you looking for the easiest way to pitch in the splendid colour theme when it’s the time for you to get hitched? Choose the small distinct and beautiful Oncidium flowers that add loving and extremely delicate texture in your event like wedding.

So now you know how to add bliss and blessings in your celebrations with these beautiful orchid flowers. These are premium flowers to use as gift or decorations.


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