Types of Glass Vases for Flowers at Your Home

Flowers are an easy way to infuse life and energy into any space. So, having a few glass vases handy is a must. Whether it is your bedroom, foyer, washroom or waiting room, the perfect vase with a few lush plant clippings inserted into it can change the mood. A loud geometric beauty, a minimalist glass vessel or a colorful body, there is something for everyone in this blog.

Colored Ribbed Glass Vase

Want to make your wallet sing with a pop of color? Colored ribbed glass vases are the answer to your quest. These mouth-blown handcrafted sensations come in a variety of colors – blue-grey, blue, smoke, violet and more to heighten your room’s appeal. Put in 5 sticks of white roses for that simple, yet charming air.

Milk Bottle

A wide mouth and a narrow neck reflect the vintage-style of the milk bottle. With this vase, you can opt for a simple design or a lush floral arrangement having 3 to 5 flower sticks. If you are wondering which flowers look best in it, choose from sunflowers, hydrangeas, spray mums, stock, feverfew daisies, solidago and  Queen Anne’s Lace.

Mason Jar

Make a stunning addition to your home decor with a superb mason jar. Readily-available in various sizes, these jars are great in the sense that they do not burn a hole in your pocket. Do you prefer a wildflower appearance? In case your answer is yes, mason jars are ideal for you. Additionally, they are great for enhancing the allure of rustic settings. 5 stems of salal lemon leaf, 2 stems of spray mums and 1 stem of feverfew daisies can make a difference to your interiors.

Cylinder Vase

Cylinder vase is among the most affordable vase shapes. If you want to arrange tall flowers like snapdragons and stock, this vase is just the thing you need. Add it to your collection and place it on your dining table on parties for that enchanting look.

Rustic Vase

Now you do not have to worry about vases with top-heavy flowers, such as sunflowers, hydrangeas and lilies toppling over anymore. Rustic vases, with a rounded bottom and a semi-narrow opening, are the ideal solutions for you.

Cut Glass Vase

Lovers of aristocracy and sophistication in interior decoration definitely have a piece of this beauty in their homes. Made from lead-free crystalline, the vase reflects your penchant for classic beauty. Adding elegance to the contemporary and traditional cut crystal designs, a cut glass vase refracts light into delightful shines and shimmers.

Long Rectangular Glass Vase

With short-stemmed artificial flowers or fresh blooms, elongated glass vases stretching on your table are a sight to behold. Cactus or tulips, everything suits this uber classy piece. Built thick and heavy for durability, they are apt for displaying an array of different or same flowers. Add river rocks, marbles, stones or other colored gels to the vase to bring variations in the design and hold the flowers in place.

Choose any one or all of the above-mentioned glass vases to adorn your home on occasions or a normal day. But remembering the type of flower you wish to display as a filling is an added advantage while picking the right vase. In case if you need flowers in glass vase for free delivery in Dubai, contact an experienced florist like DFD.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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