Top 10 Most Unusual Flowers

Flowers grow in different shapes, sizes, and colors but some grow in amazingly unusual forms. These rare yet spectacular flowers are truly the gift of nature. Planting some of these unusually beautiful and strange flowers can definitely add on to the beauty of your lawn.

So, check out a list of Top 10 Most Unusual Flowers in the World!

Hooker’s Lip Flower:

The most unusual flower in the world we have seen so far is the Hooker’s Lip Flower. Also, known, as Psychotria Elata this beautiful flower resembles luscious kissing lips. This flower is commonly seen in Southern and Central Africa.

Parrot Flower:

Parrot Flower or the Impatiens Psittacina is an unusual flower that is mostly found in India, Thailand, and Burma. It has been rightly named parrot flower because of its striking resemblance with a parrot.

Ballerina Orchid:

Found mostly in Australia, Ballerina Orchid is a flower that resembles a dancing ballerina. The unique cream petals and maroon markings of this flower make it perfect to be counted in the Top 10 Most Unusual Flowers in the World.

Duck Orchid:

Also known as, Caleana, the Duck Orchid looks awesome as a flying duck raising its wings as high as it can. This reddish brown colored flower can be easily spotted in Tasmania and Australia.

Naked Man Orchid:

On number five of our list of Top 10 Most Unusual Flowers in the World comes the Naked Man Orchid. Originally known as the Orchis Italica in Italian, this strange flower looks like a man standing naked. It sports a bright pink and white color combination

Swaddled Babies:

Another unusual flower in our list is the Swaddled Babies or the Angloua Uniflora Flower. Grown mostly in the Columbian Andes, this interesting creamy white flower is shaped like a new-born baby swaddled in a cloth.

Flame Lily:

Grown mostly in Africa and Asia, this bright red and yellow colored flower looks completely unusual. Perhaps, this is the reason that it is considered as the national flower of Zimbabwe. It looks like a bright flame and that’s what makes it a strange yet beautiful flower in the world.

Sea Poison Tree:

Commonly found on the coasts of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, this flower is best known for its sweet smell. In fact, the smell of this unusual flower attracts moths and bats at night.

Snapdragon and its Skull:

You may get scared seeing this strange and scary flower at night as it resembles a white skull in looks. Also, known as, Antirrhinum, this weird flower can be easily seen in North Africa, America and some regions of Europe.

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