Tips on Cutting Flowers to Arrange a Bouquet

Preparing a bouquet is an art and it requires a lot of patience, care and creativity. Besides all these, the most important requirement is fresh cut flowers. Our best flowers delivery Dubai service help you get attractive bouquets in myriads of different designs with combination of variety flowers at affordable price ranges. Following are the some useful tips for cutting flowers for bouquet making.

Time matters

Believe it or not, the time you choose to cut flowers play a very significant role in determining their longevity. Our experts at best flowers delivery Dubai recommend cutting flowers either in the early morning or late evening. During these time frames, the temperate in the atmosphere is cool, which enables the stems of the flowers to absorb more water and stay healthy as a result of the same.

Look for woody stems

Flowers with woody stems can’t easily absorb water and therefore they are likely to die out fast. To avoid it, crush the bottom of those woody stems a little and place them in the vase.

Remove leaves

Leaves add beauty to a bouquet. However, they can reduce the life of flowers if they remain dipped in the water in a vase. The leaves that stay in the water rot faster and lead to the quick damage of flowers in the whole bunch. To avoid it, remove all leaves that could go below the water level in the vase.

Special care needs for tulips

Certain flowers like tulips require special attention when you cut them for bouquet making. It is advisable to cut and make small holes on the stem that go under water. This will help the flower stay healthy and prevent from collapsing in the vase. Also the florist need to take extra care while handling them as the stem may break easily.

Special Care for Carnation and Orchids

Carnation is one of the most demanded flowers in our shop for best flowers delivery Dubai. Caring carnation is easy with the right type of treatment. The best way to improve the life of cut flowers is to enable them drink more water. In the case of carnation, cutting their stems between the nodes help them consume more water and thereby have better survival chances. There are different types of orchids; some with short stems and some others with long stem. How to cut and handles these orchids depends upon the type of arrangement.

In addition to following the aforementioned simple tips, make sure that you keep your cut flowers in a convenient place where it doesn’t get direct sunlight. Also, if you are placing them in a vase, don’t forget to change the water daily. On a final note, always order your cut flowers from the best flowers delivery Dubai.


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