The Best Occasions to Gift Flowers

Flowers are the best gift you can give to anyone of any age on any occasion. Whether it’s a bouquet of assorted flowers or just a single long-stemmed rose, it can never go wrong. These wonderful creations of nature have always been a top pick across the world for gifting loved ones. Their brightness, freshness, and aroma can put a smile on the receiver’s face instantly.

Here, we have compiled the best occasions to gift flowers to someone.


Wedding anniversaries are always a special occasion and when you surprise your spouse with a bouquet of fresh roses it makes the day even more special. However, this may not be the only gift you give your partner but it will definitely bring a smile. Gifting a bouquet of flowers to friends or relatives on their wedding anniversary is one of the go-to gifts that you can definitely count on.


Gifting bright and colorful flowers on a birthday is always a great idea. A bouquet of orchids, lilies, and red roses with your wishes written on a card can make a perfect birthday present. It is the best day of happiness to show respect, admiration, love or kindness to someone. Add something like a cake, teddy bear, chocolates or balloon, as per age and gender to improve the birthday present.


Housewarming gatherings are always a joy-filled delight. What can be a better way to celebrate this wonderful eve by adding the freshness and color of some beautiful flowers? From a tapestry of colorful daffodils to wall-hanging of floral blooms, the ideas are endless for presenting that perfect flower gift.

Valentine’s Day

You can add a sparkle to the bond of love and togetherness that you share with your partner by gifting fresh blooms. Bright red roses have always been the first choice for this occasion but you may also try bright yellow, pink or white roses. Valentine’s Day falls on 14th February and is a very busy day for all florists. So, order in advance and follow up to ensure prompt delivery.

Mother’s Day/ Father’s Day

Make your parents happy and smile by sending them a bouquet of bright blooms. Flowers have always been one of the most traditional gifts that you can give to your mother or father on this special day because they deserve nothing but the best. For some nationalities, mothers’ day falls on March 21st but for some others it is on May 12th.

Get well soon

Flowers provide a natural essence to the room where they are kept. Whether the person is at home or in the hospital, bright plants/flowers can lift their spirits. The color green symbolizes well-being and health so make sure your bouquet has that touch. However, it is recommended not to send flowers which have strong fragrance to an unwell person. Choose get well soon flower bouquet that can convey compassion or empathy.

These were just a few occasions, however, flowers can be gifted just like that anytime to anyone.

After all, “Where flowers bloom so does hope.” Lady Bird Johnson


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