Steal the Mood of Someone Else or Yourself with Joyful Flowers

In these fast-paced times, everyone is in pursuit of some activity to soothe their nerves. It can be
an exercise to some, yoga to some others, or any recreational activity. But, there exists a
population who finds solace in the company of mystic blooms. As per several reports, people
who thrive amidst the presence of flowers are found to be more peaceful, and their behavioral
pattern seems less stressful. Gifting happy flowers are equivalent to happy hormones and uplifting moods. Get
ready to say adios to your stress and bad mood swings, as we present some pointers that may
convert your or your loved ones stressed self into a happy and serene state.

Happy Colours = Happy You

Colors have a direct impact on people’s mental state. People adopting terrace gardening during
lockdown can be connected to the psychology of green color soothing our eyes and mind during
tough times. Flowers have a similar capacity to trigger happiness and going for pastel colors
like peach, light pink or lilac, and purple is a win. Pastel-colored flowers will create a relaxing
effect to the situation, whereas happy colors like pink, yellow, orange, and red will give an
optimistic feeling. Combining primary and secondary colors are also a good option to trigger
happy emotions.

Happy Flowers

Gifting flowers for occasions are the most non-perishable gifting idea out of the lot. Tulips,
Roses and Orchids are the common ones suitable for arrangements or gifting purposes. Roses are
synonyms to love and peace and are the best choice for Valentine’s Day, bouquet arrangements,
birthdays, get well soon flowers, and so on. Tulips are the ideal ones for expressing your love to
your better half, and red tulips will definitely steal the show. Gifting a bunch of tulips to your
friend on their birthdays will take your friendship to next level as tulips symbolize friendship.
Orchids find their supremacy during Valentine’s Day and special occasions. Keeping an orchid
arrangement at your favorite corner will boost your serotonin levels to infinity.

Flowers As Messengers

Although slightly cliché, sending flowers with positive messages is another ongoing trend that
can stir multiple emotions. Creating messages with your own words is equivalent to mountainous
effort and concern for the opposite person. It can be your better half, friend, parents or teachers.
Irrespective of the person and their relationship with you, sending a bunch of flowers with a note
is the most thoughtful gift or gesture you can extend from your side. Adding long texts written in
your own calligraphy is one element that can increase the intensity of your gift. You can play
along with it by adding pictures and inserting proper emojis. Making it as creative as possible
will definitely trigger happy emotions. Ensure your message is completely confidential, and we
suggest you add an envelope to your notes. Gifting happy flowers will increase the surprise factor as well,
ensuring maximum success of your intention. Additionally, selecting flowers and their colors as
per the taste of your opposite person is yet another entity capable to increase your value in the
eyes of your loved one.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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