Special Days to Gift Flowers And Spread Love

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Special Days

Flowers have been a symbol of love and happiness since time immemorial. They are used in many cultures to represent peace, love, harmony, and joy. They are extensively used in auspicious occasions and festivals as decoration, and also has cultural, medicinal, commercial, and ritualistic significance.

Their widespread use has resulted in many days being dedicated to them. These days signify the importance of flowers in our lives. Read about these special days to gift flowers to relatives and friends.

International Flower Day

IFD falls on 19th of January. On this day, people gift flowers to friends, family, special ones, or even total strangers as a symbol of sharing love and joy. This day came into existence in the year 2013 in Tasmania, and is now popular worldwide. Thus, one of the special days to gift flowers give an opportunity express our love and admiration.

Plant a Flower Day                      

National Plant a Flower day is on March 12. This day is selected so that the flowers get to bloom with the onset of spring. Flowering plants are a great way to beautify our surroundings as well as conserve the diversity of plant life around us. The day focuses on the need to preserve flowering plants.

Floral Design Day

Observed on 28th of February, this day celebrates the art of Floral Design. Floral designs are used in many cultures on certain occasions like marriages, important ceremonies, and during festivals. It is an extraordinary art form.

National Tulip Day

Tulips are beautiful flowers which come in a variety of vibrant colors. Netherlands is famous for these flowers and holds an annual festival known as National Tulip Day. This special day to gift flowers is celebrated in the Netherlands as a yearly event that precludes the Tulip season. On this occasion, residents and tourists alike are allowed to pluck tulips for free from a unique garden in Dam Square, Amsterdam which contains over two hundred thousand Tulips of different varieties.

Rose Day

Roses have always been the mark of love and a symbol of romance. Rose Day celebrates love. Rose Day marks the start of Valentines’ week and is celebrated on February 7th. On this day, people exchange roses to celebrate love and romance.

Daffodil Festival

Daffodils also have their place in the celebration of special days. The annual daffodil festival is a flower parade organized by the people of Pierce County, Washington. In addition to that, Daffodil Day is observed by the cancer societies of Canada, Australia and a few other countries for Cancer Awareness.

Mimosa Festival

This event takes place on eight consecutive days. This festival is one of the most famous carnivals and attracts a lot of tourists to the French Riviera.

Orchid Festival

The International Orchid Festival is held at different locations every year and celebrates Orchids; the most diverse flowers on the planet. Orchids come in thousands of shapes, sizes, and colors, and are so varying that most of them look entirely different. This makes them all the more appealing to gift, study, and catalogue.

Which one did you like out of these special days to gift flowers in Dubai or anywhere else in the world?


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