How to Find the Joy of Self Gifting and Share the Advantages?

self-giftingWe have all learnt about the greatness of showing generosity to others. However, we are not taught to appreciate ourselves, our joys, wins and even our downfalls. ‘Me time’ is such an underrated perspective that needs massive attention and thought. If one doesn’t value the existence of themselves, how can one expect to be loved by others? So, shift your focus from the thoughts of others for a while and celebrate yourself and your unique existence. But before you read on, just ensure and engrave that nobody is perfect and everybody is living their own struggles in their own way, just like you.

Act of Self-Compassion

We have had millions of lessons and advice about compassion from our parents and teachers. Thanks to them, at the end of the story, we became compassionate individuals. But, have you ever considered or thought about being warm and kind to yourself and your soul. This is where ‘self-compassion’ comes in. There are a million little ways by which you can be a ‘healer’ for yourself. Self-talk is one such way. How would you react to a person in hurt? Similar goes for self-compassion, but the other person is you. If you find yourself in a messed up situation, stop blaming yourself and offer comfort in a soft and caring tone. Talk to yourself until you find peace. Simultaneously, remember to cherish yourself. Let it take the time and pace it needs to reach the destination and no matter how many times you fall, make sure to remind yourself that it is completely ok to fail sometimes, and the ultimate win is always possible only after zillions of failures.

Go with What You Really Need

We all have heard the saying, ‘one life, live it to the fullest’, but have we all followed it blindly? Are you truly going on the path you really want, or are you still on the road set by others? If your answer is the latter, you cannot attain what is known as the epitome of self-happiness. Finding out what your heart truly seeks definitely needs time, courage and patience. The process may seem tedious, but trust us, it is worthwhile. For example, try one of our impressive basket arrangement ‘Best Bridge to Heart” which will add a ray of sunshine to your dull day with its freshness and elegance. The amount of happiness you gain by doing what your heart says is pure and beyond comparison. Diving into your inner self and plentiful determination is all it takes to reach the peak of self-satisfaction and contentment.

Make Yourself Feel Better

Being mentally healthy = better life.

It is a humane thing to feel things. To feel good and to feel bad are normal. One cannot expect to put on a smiling mask every single day. There are times you feel exhausted or drained, and these are not in our hands. But what we can do is make room to feel better, which can reduce the feeling of exhaustion a bit less extreme. Normalize taking breaks and not exhausting yourself at work. Go for a walk, put on your headphones, listen to music, read that book you always wanted to, re-start that hobby, reconnect with your long-lost buddy, and we can go on and on for hours about tiny things that can give you not-so-tiny emotions and soul-soothe or try something unique like gifting flowers to yourself which will help you to rejuvenate the mind and uplift the mood. Discover things that can make you feel calm and better which is a part of self-gifting and make it a part of your routine. Always remember you are a living, breathing human and not a heartless, emotionless machine.

Realize the Importance of a Gift

Who doesn’t adore gifts? Even if we all turn the fifties, seventies or eighties, we all have a child inside us who jumps out of joy at gifts. As much as we all embrace the idea of gifting others, the idea of self-gifting also deserves some attention. It can be anything of your choice at the moment. It can be a book that you wanted, a cuisine that you were dying to try, a place you wanted to visit, any gadget, dress or simply an entire day off just for yourself. Self-gifting is not centered around any particular entity. It is just the feeling or experience that can give you irreplaceable joy. You can also be a great gift-giver to others by first practicing giving to yourself. It will assist you in deciding on family gift ideas or giving it to someone special in your life. So, gift the amazing you and celebrate yourself.


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