Promises remembered and expectations met while delivering flowers in Dubai

delivering flowers in Dubai as gift on any occasion
Delivering Flowers as Gift

While going ahead serving customers all over the world the promise given of ensuring prompt delivery is always remembered and followed as a custom. Without that customers will look for other options, we understand. Trying our best to reach on time, deliver quality products, follow the instructions and use common sense as each situation may be different. When Dubai move ahead achieving higher goals resurrecting from the interim crisis, we as a service provider keep the pace and ensure that the best effort is being done to satisfy existing as well as growing new customers.

Date and Time are the most important factors

Most of the gifts are ordered for a specific date of birthday, wedding anniversary or any other occasion that should not be missed. Delivery cannot be postponed as the date is very important and insisted. If the order is placed before 5 PM Dubai time it can surely be delivered on same day if it is meant for that. Time range is important for the reasons of availability of recipient and earlier the better effect.

Freshness of Natural Flowers

There is no need to mention specifically and is understood that all the customers need flowers delivered to be fresh and stay for a few days on desk. Arranged in glass vase or floral foam, taken good care while delivering to a faraway place, kept at a suitable temperature place, they will smile and live for some days. Some of them stay longer period and some of them say good bye earlier is their very nature, but we still need to take care.

Special Instructions and a message with the Gift

Those who order online without seeing the actual arrangement and not knowing about the details of delivery location may give a special instruction on quality or contact details. Just the name and contact number is enough to find out the address and send the gift to the residence or office. Equal importance is being given for the few words that goes with flowers and need to make sure that message is opened only by the actual recipient. This shop is fully focused on delivering flowers in Dubai and other Emirates for several years and thus the most reliable in service.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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