Plants and Flowers Suitable for a Christmas Gift



Christmas plants and flowers are the best gifts to give a smile on the faces of your loved ones. It is also a marvelous way of accentuating your home during the holiday season. If your dear ones are staying in Dubai, show them that you really care and miss their presence by sending a lovely plant gift. It lets your beloved ones know that at this particular time you are thinking about them. Let the plant grow with their nurture symbolic of the relationship you try to maintain. Similarly, the flowers represent the tender feelings that you preserve for them always. Here are a few varieties of indoor plants and flowers to gift on Christmas.

Poinsettia Plants

Poinsettias are almost as classic as Christmas movies. They are one of the most popular Christmas plants anywhere in the world. Poinsettia plants have many other health benefits rather than a Christmas gift, it is one of the most valuable houseplants for cleaning air. These plants are an excellent addition to your home, since they can clean the air and look nice while doing so. Poinsettias eliminate trace formaldehyde that remains in the air from insulation, shopping bags and other household products. This leads to cleaner air and less emissions.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus are so beautiful that they could compete with the beauty of the ornaments on your tree. These are the toughest holiday plants and can last for years. Various plants bloom at various times of the year including thanksgiving and Easter. It is a beautiful winter bloom that can grow pretty pink flowers in the winter and also welcomes December in a lovely way. With its size and colour of the flower these become very much suitable for giving Christmas gifts for your relatives. Though they may not bloom exactly on the Christmas day this typical plant may live for years and years.

Holly Plant

Holly plants or rather holly bushes are sent as gifts as well as they are commonly used to decorate homes for Christmas. Holly stems are used in Christmas wreaths and centerpieces for the dining table during celebrations. The most common Christmas berry is holly berries, those plants are not grown well in snow and wind can also destroy them. During the spring and the fall they grow quickly and should be planted in a sunny position in your garden. Holly requires both a male and a female plant to create berries. This can be solved by grafting a male and a female plant together.

Red Roses in a Vase or Bouquet

There are many types of flower arrangement available for Christmas gifts. Above all red roses arranged in a vase or bouquet is an ideal gift. When we hear about Christmas the first colour comes to our mind is red. Everything we see during the time of Christmas will be red in colour, Santa Claus, gifts, balloons etc. So roses in red colour will be the most suitable flower gift for Christmas. Red roses in a bouquet can be given to someone special as a Christmas gift. Similarly, red roses in a vase that you send to a relative can help them decorate the dinner table beautifully.

White Lilies and Red Rose’s Basket

Giving flowers in a basket during the Christmas time is the lovely way of conveying Christmas wishes. White lilies and red roses are the most suitable flowers to give to your relatives or friends in the month of December. White lilies show purity and red rose’s show love. With online shops available at service, it is easy to send flowers even by staying home. In addition to flower baskets there are cakes, chocolates etc. to select for Christmas.

Christmas is the time to remember friends, relatives and family members living far away. It is the best occasion to express gratitude and try to give back love and blessings. Giving leads to receiving in abundance and everyone enjoys caring and sharing. Simple things have great meanings here and thus plants and flowers are the priceless gifts for this season.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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