Mythological Facts About Red Roses

Red roses have magical power, they can make you smile, fall in love all over again, and forget that there was ever a fight. They are popular owing to the fragrance, versatility, and tranquil beauty that exudes with every petal. Although we are well aware of the purpose & facts about roses and how gorgeous they are, seldom do people know about their mythological significance while sending the flowers to someone. In this blog, we’d learn everything about the historical facts about these one-of-a-kind red flowers.

Asian Significance of Red Roses

In the spiritual realm of Avestan, Persian teachings, and Sanskrit, many stories were linked to red roses. They play a significant role in the mankind and world’s creation. Another tale is about God Vishnu and how beautifully he created Goddess Laxmi (his wife) with 1,008 tiny rose petals and 108 large petals. That’s when these roses became a symbol of beauty.

Roman Stories of Red Roses

In Roman mythology, red roses hold immense value. The tale is about the goddess of love – Venus. According to the story, she was running to her lover Adonis and told him that there was a murder plot against him. While she was rushing to warn Adonis, her ankle gets cut by a thorn bush. But this terror story took a beautiful turn when Venus’ blood started dripping on a lush rose. That flower started blooming, and the color changed to red.

Greek Mythology for Red Roses

In ancient times of Greece, the red rose was created when Chloris (the goddess of flowers) was walking through the woods. She stumbled upon a lifeless nymph. Due to the sadness that engulfed her, the body of the nymph was transformed into the most magnificent flower ever. When Aphrodite (the goddess of love) saw the work done by Chloris, she was simply amazed. She named the flower “Rose” honoring Eros a.k.a Cupid. So, in today’s time, Cupid’s holiday is celebrated as Valentine’s Day, one of the important days in every lover’s life.

Phrygian Tales About Red Roses

Another tale is about a Phrygian goddess – Cybele. She was also the Mother Earth goddess. The story unfolds about how Cybele was jealous of the beauty of Aphrodite and decided to form something that would have the capability to compete with the Greek goddess. That’s when red roses came to life.

Poetic Emphasis on the Roses

The renowned Scottish poet, Robert Burns 1794 described his immense passion for this red flower through a poem – A Red, Red Rose. Since the flower is a symbol of love. many people in Europe didn’t appreciate the beauty of roses at first. Even if we talk about the story of “Alice in Wonderland”, the Queen of Hearts always made her gardeners plant red roses. But by mistake, those gardeners planted white roses, they were scared that the queen would cut their heads off.


Today, the story of red roses is deeply connected to love and admiration. It all dates back to mythological facts about roses around the world. Anyone would love receiving roses as a gift on any occasion. Go ahead and contact a reliable shop for roses delivery in Dubai or any other city in United Arab Emirates.


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