Make Your Photos Pop with These Flower Walls

Flower walls have been in trend for quite some add to the time now. Having a flower wall as the photo backdrop for your ceremony can guarantee a gorgeous occasion. It can be as simple as blooms tied to a fishing wire or intricate like inserting flowers into bricks of floral foams.

Check out the floral wall inspiration below.

Taped flower wall

Attaching carnations and greenery on a white wall in vertical rows with a washi tape adds to the awesomeness of any occasion. Not only does it spice up the wall but also makes for a wonderful photo area.

Hints of Flowers

Some events like a company launch call for minimum aesthetics, and designers strategically place blooms on the wall instead of covering the entire wall entirely with flowers. The outline of a logo, filled with blossoms or clusters of floral shapes are a good way to make use of flowers. Additionally, it adds cleanliness and a sense of lucid flow to the photo space.

Greenery Walls

Do you want to create a relaxed ambiance? If your reply is in the affirmative, moss, branches and greenery enveloped walls are a perfect idea. Affix a logo in a contrasting color right in the middle to facilitate branding amidst the monochromatic green backdrop.

Live Flower Wall

Surprised with the name, are you? A current trend noticeable across events, the living flower wall comprises panels of plants grown with the help of a hydroponics system. The system is either fixed to walls or is free-standing. Being self-sustaining, such walls are more lasting than traditional walls.

Tropical Walls

Enliven the tropical atmosphere on your wedding, or organize a social or corporate event with lush tropical walls, displaying a mix of tropical florals and leaves. Accent a backdrop base of leaves with blooms, such as helicornia, anthurium and Mokara orchids for that awesome look. Irrespective of whether the occasion is a private or a public one, a tropical-themed wall is a favorite. It is bound to make a statement. In case you want a brighter look and wish to align with the event’s color theme, elevate the leaves by spraying bold hues over them.

Neon Sign Floral Walls

Create the ideal photo moment with neon signs. Whether such signs, with their bold colors, catch your attention or stir up a nostalgic feeling, there is no denying the impact they have on you. It may be a wedding, birthday, bar mitzvah or felicitation ceremony of a college or award night of a company. Whatever be the occasion, choose a color and font for your slogan or quote, matching the event’s theme.

Venue Entryway

A diversion from the usual flower wall, a floral entryway, is just the thing to try if you are starting a new life with the love of your life. Replete with organic white flowers and greenery, they welcome you to a new beginning.

Having gained some idea about floral walls, you can ask the flower wall designer to implement one of these ideas for a special occasion.


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