5 Longest Living Flowers in the World

Yes, you heard it right!

There are some mystic beauties in this vast expansive world, with a lifespan spanning more than the average count of 7 days. Now, this depends upon how you maintain your blooming beauties. Water change in regular intervals, cleaning the vase before filling the water, preventing circumstances leading to bacteria growth, imparting proper care according to the plant type are some amongst the humongous multiple do’s and don’ts, to keep your blooms healthy, fresh and long-living. However, we are here with a list of a few longest living flowers, along with proper maintenance measures.


This elegance in disguise has the immense capability to light up the house within a fleet of seconds. Therefore, maintaining its beauty for long is like the biggest takeaway. Orchids can last up to three weeks provided if maintained properly. Cymbidium orchids and phalaenopsis orchids are the prime ones that guarantee magnificent long lives. Cymbidiums are also the widely recognized species that is used for making Mother’s Day corsages. Cooler rooms are the ideal locations to ensure its longer freshness, and once in two days water change and regular stem cutting is a must.


Alstroemeria are the ‘flower form’ of mutual support. Their existence in bright hues is the major highlight of these blooms, hence being the most wanted amongst flower decors. Also named as ‘Peruvian Lily’, Alstroemeria is the perfect representation of commitment and friendship and is a familiar presence in flower arrangements. However, they guarantee a two weeks total life span by following a regular water replacement policy.


Vastly popular amongst the lot, Carnations boasts a lifespan of 2-3 weeks. Its multi-color existence has made them stand-alone in all kinds of celebrations and occasions or even as a simple home decoration. Carnations are largely prone to bacterium majorly due to their own petals or leaves! Make sure you don’t miss out on removing the fallen petals and leaves from the water and the timely water change.


Gladiolus is the next in line in the list of longest living flowers. It is a guarantee that they will be on the frontline in brightening the occasion or homes with their flower spikes. They can go up to 10 days, and proper stem cutting is a definite must-do. ‘Glads’ are extremely thirsty all the time, hence, ensuring proper hydration, along with water change is a necessity. Birthdays, religious ceremonies and weddings are some of the occasions that the gladiolus, especially white ones are used.


Known as the ‘monarch of flowers’, Peonies have a rich history behind their existence and can win hearts due to their glossy blooms. When properly cared for, they can exist for about 100 years. Shocking isn’t it! Even though delicate and glossy on the outside, they are extremely hardy blooms, and comparatively few circumstances are likely to bother them. Still, they are prone to leaf blotch and a fungal disease called botrytis blight. Hence, placing them in a sunny spot and planting them on fertile and moist soils that drain well, must be on top of the checklist.

Nevertheless, whichever flower you want to stay fresh and lively for long, prepping up a perfect environment for its growth and ensuring proper care for them is all that requires!


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