A Long Journey in Happiness

Find and Experience Happiness

There is no such specific destination in life where we can derive happiness. There may be stops but again starts and thus the journey has different experiences. But, we need to find and experience happiness throughout the going. You may or may not get the right companion to spend the life on this earth. Share love and compassion with anyone and that alone is enough to derive happiness.

What is our choice in life, happiness or sorrows? Is it simplicity that we choose in the path or complexity? Troubles, sorrows and hardships can prevail in the life by making wrong choices. Concern about the future and regret about the past may create turmoil in the present. Worries may mount up spoiling the journey and making it really tough. But we all want happiness and perfect peace of mind in life. Choose to be happy, seems to be the only way…

Expectations and Reality of Life

Mostly we have unreasonable expectations and our own plans that may go wrong on the way. We expect a life with no troubles but the reality may be different. Life can survive only on faith and acceptance of what is offered by the nature. There will be obstacles on this long journey of life but we need to have courage to face them. We may not find the sky always blue and mountains green. Take it gracefully and gratefully and keep enjoying. Thus, adjust on expectations and its level to experience happiness.

What we need to learn is to flow with the river of life, and then the journey becomes joyful. Lot of thinking and worrying disturbs the beauty of this journey and makes the going tough. Some places we need to surrender and some other occasions we need to take charge of the situation. But mostly we really need to flow with the nature instead of offering resistance. Grab the reality without complaints or in other words just accept as it is!

In this journey of life, try to offer bouquet of flowers to some others and try to make them happy. Receive more happiness by sending flowers and gifts to others. Let us try to give our knowledge of love just by sharing.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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