Is it Better to Arrange Flowers in Glass Vase

Flowers can be arranged in many different ways. If the arrangement need to last for a week, it is better to arrange them in a glass vase. Advantage is that, flowers stems can be inserted to the water directly. The user can take out the flowers and change water after 2-3 days to make sure that flowers last longer. Also we can put food for flowers in to the water to make them stay fresh for many days.

If flower arrangement need to be delivered to a distant place, it is better the arrangement is made in a glass vase so that the flowers would be fresh even if it is delivered after 3-4 hours. Clear glass vase shows the water level, and thus will remind to refill water if required. Vases are also available in different colors like red pink and blue. Crystal vases are expensive but make the gift premium.

It is better to keep office arrangements in glass vase as the flowers need to last for a week. Glass vase also gives an elegant look to the arrangement. But enough care need to be taken while carrying flower vase for delivery.

Flowers can be arranged either in long glass vase directly in water, or in short vase using watered floral foam. Reception table, conference table arrangements are usually arranged in short vase. Our flower shop in Dubai, prepare and deliver many types of arrangements in glass vase. Call 00971504236374 or 0097143420250 for any support all 7 days a week.




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