How to Make Sure that Both Sender and Receiver are Happy with a Gift

Most of us love receiving gifts as well as enjoy the process of gifting. Putting a pleasant surprise and smile on someone’s face is a gift in itself. The entire procedure of planning for that special occasion, selecting gift items, matching it with that person’s preferences and eventually presenting it – is a real task; but truly worth it. If you are someone who is always confused in the matters of gifting, this article will help you to clear your mind. It will ensure that the gift creates the right impression on the recipient. Here are a few tips to ensure that both the sender and receiver are happy with the gift:

Understand the Requirement and Reason

Unexpected gifts bring excitement, fun and surprise. Nevertheless, when one limits gifting to a certain purpose or for a valid reason, it is good to take a note of certain aspects. Like, choose a gift that suits the person and occasion. Birthday, anniversary, best wishes, get well soon, congratulatory, etc., are the main reasons for gifting. But it is important to select appropriate items and consider the likes and dislikes of the concerned person before you present them with something. Similarly, check if a particular gift, especially a flower bouquet suits the gender and age of the recipient.

Prepare and Act on it with Care

Once having decided on the occasion and gift, ensure to allot a separate time for shopping directly from stores or selecting gifts online. Choosing the right gift, packing and presentation takes good time, energy and thought process. If you have no time to visit shops, online shopping and ordering gifts for direct delivery will be more feasible. Thus, it is important to decide where and when to deliver the gift. Make sure that the recipient is available to receive it personally.

Be on Date, on Time

The purpose of a gift will lose its essence if you don’t present it at the right time and on a specific date. Ensure to set a reminder for that special day and it includes, even for buying the gift item in advance. Delay or missing that particular moment will be disappointing. So, avoid both – no matter whether you are delivering the gift personally or via online gift delivery service. If placing an order with an online flower shop or any other gift store specify the date and instruct on time of delivery too.

Ensure Freshness and the Best Quality

While wrong choice of gift attracts discontent, poor quality items will mean being disrespectful and careless. It is thus important to check the gifts before buying. Don’t compromise on the quality so that both the sender and receiver appreciate the work. In case of gifting a bouquet, ensure that the flowers are fresh. If you are going for chocolates or cakes, check the production date and see whether it is of high quality and branded ones. Similarly, on any edible or perishable item it is extremely important to ensure freshness and quality.

Choose the Best Supplier in Customer Service

Always go for a reputed and professional gift delivery service provider. There are high chances of going wrong by choosing an unknown online service. Ask suggestions from your friends or relatives about local or online gift stores. If you are depending on online services to send your gift across, then seek for order receipt. Ensure that the service provider offers you the option to track your order digitally. They also need to inform you after delivering your order to the right person. A company with very good customer service can make sure that both the sender and receiver are happy with the gift.



Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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