How to make flower basket arrangement?

We can all agree that an arrangement of fresh flowers especially a basket arrangement can brighten up any special occasion and give a delightful moment to everyone who is around it. They give a touch of natural beauty to any setting, whether it’s a birthday party or a big corporate function. However, we should confess the fact that properly arranging flowers sometimes can be very difficult and stressful. Fortunately, once you know how to make the flower arrangement, you can easily reproduce the stunning professional bouquets you see at events or dinner parties. Continue reading to learn how to make a basic arrangement for fabulous floral art.

Size of The Basket

Basket that is used to arrange the flowers can be a willow basket, or any other type available with flower shop in Dubai, that can fit in the size of the arrangement. Size of the basket need to be selected carefully as per the size of the arrangement required. Small, medium, and large size baskets are available with the florist. Consider the quantity of flowers that you are using for the arrangement to determine the size of the basket. Make use of additional fillers and foliage if you are having more space after fitting the flowers.

While Arranging Flowers

Always use plastic sheet inside the basket before placing the watered foam. This is to avoid water leaking out of the basket especially in case of a willow basket. Floral foam need to be fit in to the basket properly and also taped if required to fix properly in to the basket, so that no damage happens during a flower delivery.

Choice of Flowers

Select flowers as per the color, size of the flowers, and length of stems. The color needs to be decided as per the occasion or as per the sex of the recipient. Long stem flowers can be at the back side so that it stands tall and decide the height of the arrangement. A combination of big flowers and small flowers gives an elegant appearance. It is often a florist’s skill to make creative arrangements in a basket.

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