How to Get Best Suitable Bridal Bouquet?

Bridal bouquet is an essential requirement for a wedding to create a beautiful appearance for the bride. Natural flowers in compact shape add to the grace of bride wearing new gracious dress. They complement the precious ornaments with elegance. On the most important day of the life, just at the time of holding hands of a man for life, a beautiful bouquet also make a big difference. Here we see how to order a real flower bridal bouquet and how to take care of it.

Order Hand Bouquet for the Bride at Wedding

  1. Bride’s beautician may have own arrangement or tie up with a flower shop to make suitable bridal bouquet. They may provide sample images of suitable designs for bouquets to choose from.
  2. Order direct to a flower shop with specifications of size, number of flowers, color matching with the dress. It is better to specify the decorations for the bouquet like wrapping on the handle etc.
  3. Ask the wedding florist, the one who arrange flowers in church or other venue of wedding and reception to provide bridal bouquet also.

Fresh Flowers in Perfect Shape

It is important to arrange the flowers in perfect shape, with a proper design to make it look attractive in photographs. Roses are great flowers to achieve good round shape. Many of the florists also use orchids in white and purple colors to make flawing type bridal bouquets. Many of the brides choose a single light color bouquet that matches perfectly with the wedding gown or sari.

Ask for Delivery & Take Care of it

It is important to maintain freshness as well as shape. So, better ask the florist to deliver a bridal bouquet to the wedding venue. Especially when the flowers are white, it is better given care. Real flowers, especially for Christian wedding ceremony, is an essential part of dressing, making the bride more pleasing. Avoid paint, color or even pollen on flowers so that it does not spoil the wedding dress. Make sure the bridal flower arrangement to be in perfect harmony with hair accessories, dress and even shoes by choosing suitable color.

Now the trend is to go for real flowers bouquet for wedding and thus artificial bouquets are not much in demand. Price of bouquet for bride depends upon the country, size of the arrangement and type of flowers. In Dubai a bridal bouquet of reasonable size may cost minimum AED200/- with free delivery. It is better to personally visit a local flower shop and discuss details of color and style before finalizing the decision.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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