Top Health Benefits of Flowers

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”

Health Benefits of flowers
Health Benefits of Flowers

Flowers have been known to improve aesthetics and ambiance since times immemorial. Poets have long glorified flowers in their perfection, and wholeness. The bearer of fruits, even in death, a flower is the harbinger of good times. However, aesthetics aside, flowers have more benefits than what meets the eye.

Here’s how flowers can benefit your health:


Different flowers have been researched and found to be beneficial in aromatherapy for patients having symptoms of anxiety. The fragrance of Lavender has been known to control anxiety in patients.


Pleasant fragrance like that of lavender can also help to increase the production of melatonin, which is essential for a healthy night’s sleep. The pineal gland located in the brain is known to produce melatonin. It is often referred to as ‘the hormone of darkness’ because it is mostly generated when you’re in a dark environment or at night to help you sleep.The presence of flowers at the place where you sleep enhances the production of melatonin which results in a much deeper and sound sleep.

3.Happiness and creativity:

Scientific studies have revealed that exposure to pleasant smell, or a good company, or a beautiful view can release certain “feel-good” hormones like serotonin, that is also used as a medicine in patients suffering from depression. Lot of flowers have a pleasant smell and an aesthetic value that inspires happy hormones to flood the bloodstream and raise your spirits, and also give you a creative edge.

4.Air purification:

Plants have air purification capabilities and are known to absorb other gases in addition to carbon dioxide. Moth Orchids, also known as Phalaenopsis orchids are known to remove formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds found in synthetic materials such as paints and solvents.

5.Healthy skin:

Rose water has antibacterial properties and a lot of antioxidants that help rejuvenate your skin and give it a beautiful glow. Make sure that the rose water that you get is original and pure.


This list would be incomplete without mentioning honey. The sweet nectar of flowers has countless benefits. Various diseases, and illnesses can be cured by the consumption of honey; healing of wounds, cough, throat infection, etc. Honey can also aid in weight loss.


Flowers gifted to a sick person at hospital or home can be a of great help to get well soon. It gives him positive energy vibrations from the sender through the lovely blooms. Real flowers are much more than just ornaments that plants adorn. They come with their own set of health benefits sometimes very exclusive to them. Aside from the aesthetic value, flowers are the key to a good living environment. So, send a bouquet to someone you love, and show them just how much you care!


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