Gratitude is Better Expressed with Flowers

Gratitude Expressed with Flowers
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Bring Prosperity through Gratitude

Prosperity in life is not only by earning material riches, but also by maintaining a trustworthy group of people and resources at our easy access.  We are actually managing money and resources to bring improvement in our life style. In order to maintain it and also to bring new fortunes in the journey of this life on earth we need to say a few words of thankfulness to those who help us. This gratitude from the bottom of our heart is better expressed with flowers arranged and sent as gift.

Be Thankful to the people in Our Circle

We need to be thankful to those people in our company working with us and for us spending their time and energy. Similarly we should have gratitude to the people in our neighborhood sharing the peace within the community. Our social or religious circle small or large would also be of great help to us in need. Most of all our own family members need daily gratitude for the overwhelming support, understanding, love and care. Distant relatives come closer on important occasions offering gifts and prayers to show the unity. One simple but valuable present that can be offered to all of them is flowers. When someone come on visit to U.A.E and enjoy the stay a relative he would surely convey his gratitude by sending fresh flowers to Dubai from his home country  after going back. He would recollect the fond memories shared during his stay at Dubai. He would also extend his invitation to the relatives to visit his country too.

Flowers Speaks for us in Soft Common Language

Often we do not know how to express through soft words as we fear it may appear to be fabricated. Best solution in this situation is to send flowers online to the door step of the person with a beautiful note printed in a greeting card. When you write what is there in mind with clarity and in soft language of your own that opens up yet another world of relationship. Here there is no expectation and just like allowing to get some water from a well. Here love is the water and mind is the well. Having better expressed with flowers sent online we open up the way to peace and prosperity.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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