Gospel of Nature by Flowers in Dubai

red and white giftWhat is Gospel of Nature?

Gospel of nature is about love for everything living around. Beauty of creation is found in every living being, but flowers are one of the best among them. Its true glory is not only in its beauty but in its surrender as an object of joy and worship to human beings. There may be hardly anyone who does not appreciate the beauty, fragrance and color of flowers. Those who have left their own country would find their favorite flowers in Dubai also. Do not think that it is a desert and thus not possible to have fresh flowers. But, on the road sides of Dubai we can see plenty of them blooming even at high temperature. We can also see so many flower shops that enable to get custom made flower arrangements or ready to take away gifts.

Flowers in Dubai Sings the Gospel of Nature

Each and every flower sings the gospel of love and harmony. We do hear that or not depends upon our life and thoughts. When we listen to this gospel we get in harmony with the universe and its energy. When we love the nature and things natural that expends our concepts and thus avoid the narrow thinking. We can see the sunrise and its light. We get united with the big one concept, breaking out from the shells of small concepts. Nature is liberal in giving us free air, fresh flowers, nice green grass fields and a lot of space above to give brake to the stream of thoughts. It gives us a relief from material things. We should find out time to enjoy the gospel of nature. Presence of nature is there also in several offices through plants being maintained or fresh flowers kept at office reception.

All the natural beauty of greens, parks and flowers in Dubai are maintained properly by the authorities. We understand that it is the natural beauty that is ever lasting beyond ages. Technology and new things comes and goes but the original nature bestows its beauty for the enjoyment of people living in Dubai. They bring the awareness of the reality above the illusions of this material world. Let these plants and flowers in Dubai always sing the gospel and awaken us in live in complete harmony with original nature of the universe. Similarly those who send flowers as gift on occasions like birthday, anniversary etc to others also proclaim the gospel of nature.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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