What You Give and Receive in Return

More of What You Send Comes Back Another Day.

Give and receive flowers
Send Flowers Dubai and Receive Benefits

What we have gained or achieved is not only ourselves.  We have attracted them by our power or desire. They belonged to someone else just before it changed the ownership.  It is to use for our benefit happiness or pleasure that we gain all these things. If all these are kept for our own use we become selfish and thus against the universe. Send a portion of what we have gained and see that more of it comes back to us again in same or some other form. Here sender and recipient both get benefitted for the time being by give and receive policy. It may take a few days or month for it to come back but will surely do.

Send a Few Flowers and Get Back Many Bunches

Real flowers are already being created by God and made its perfect distribution all over the world. Different types of flowers in many colors, sizes are available all over to be used by mankind. We pay small amount of money and buy them either for our own use or send them to some others to express our gratitude or love. When we send flowers with an appropriate message it means we have realized that giving is more joyous than just keeping it ourselves. Many bunches of them would come back to us at a different occasion from same or other people.

Enjoy Sending as it does not result in loss

Instant smile on the face of recipient itself is enough to make us happy about the decision to send flowers or other gifts without expecting anything in return. It is never a loss to give away some things or at least some fresh flowers of some value. Gain from this is spiritual and it is much higher in real value than the material earnings. We get new friends and strengthen existing relationship by sending natural flowers as gift.

Prayers, Best Wishes, Good Luck and Fresh Flowers

Positive words and deeds accumulate energy that gets transmitted among the humanity. Good luck is evolved by the combined efforts of many people though it is lead by one. We need to thank everyone who contributes to our success, gains and prosperity. Same as prayers and best wishes for someone give result, fresh flowers that represent the present moment also attracts positive energy. So send a few flowers very often to others and get benefited in this journey of life.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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