Free Delivery of Flowers in Dubai

Most of the online flower shops in Dubai, in addition to the price of flowers, you will have to pay delivery charges. But our prices shown in website  include product and all other charges. As we have a physical store within U.A.E,  it  is easy for us to process the order and deliver the same without having any liability of sharing the margin to agents.

Our delivery team knows each and every location in Dubai and thus it is not very difficult for them to reach any given address and deliver. So we do not charge extra for the delivery even in free zones and difficult areas. Expenses like toll charges (Salik), gate pass to free zone etc are included in the prices. So you will not be surprised with a extra fee while making the payment.

We can deliver flowers in Dubai on same day of the order keeping up the same quality standards of advance booking. About 3-4 hours is required for the delivery from the time of making payment online. If it is really very urgent, and need to happen in less than 3 hours, it is better to call us and ask before placing an order.

Costs associated with flower delivery but included in price are given below just for your understanding (There is no need to pay these charges extras)

1) Travel and delivery expenses

2) Toll charges

3) Parking fees

4) Time of a delivery person

5) Additional expenses to arrange urgent delivery

Note:  VAT 5% is applicable in U.A.E.

Avoiding these expenses customers can get lesser price for best available quality flowers delivery in Dubai. Try once and you will surely get addicted to this “giving the best” service and use it more number of times a year. Any one anywhere in the world can use this easy online facility, pay for flowers and get delivery free.







Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.


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