Fragrant Flowers and Ferns for Decorations

There are specific attributes of every function that makes it a memorable one and worth cherishing for! For some, it may be the gorgeous venue they have chosen or the dreamy decor. But now, things have changed a bit. People have started to evoke the memories of their most loving occasion with the use of fragrant flowers and ferns. The aroma of the flowers is always enchanting. So instead of using scented flowers or perfumes, why don’t you shift to use the natural and fresh blooms?

Evoke your ‘Olfactory lobes’ with these amazingly aromatic flowers as they’ll trigger your smelling senses! All glory to the ‘scent memory’!

With the distinctive smell and fragrance of each bloom, let the bride get to evoke memories, emotions, and feelings that they have experienced on that special occasion. Let the soulful smell bring back all the blissful memories of the auspicious occasion!

  • Lilies

These white fragrant flowers are symbolized for its purity and sacredness. The aroma is exceptionally potent. Be cautious about using it in enough number. Some find its smell as seductive while the other sees it as serene. Lilies are available also in pink colors for decoration as well as gift.

  • Lavish Lavenders

The purple color of flowers makes it a gleaming choice for wedding ceremonies. For weddings during winters, the hue of lilacs can be regarded as the most pleasing one among the palette. It’s just not the colors that make this an excellent choice, but its fresh and scintillating fragrance too. You can adorn the venue with a bunch of these blooms. So try buying them as fresh Lavender bulk.

  • Chocolate cosmos

Aww! Chocos are everyone’s favorite. So how about when you get to relish and relive the memories of your wedding day whenever you get to grab a piece or two of chocos. And that’s where Chocolate cosmos is going to the allure. Not just with its smell, but with its maroon color petals too.

  • Garden Roses-

The ravishing red roses have been slaying as the romantic bloom since ages. So to all those couples who would like to relive the beautiful piece of memory as a whole rather than in tits and bits, roses are there for your rescue! These fragrant flowers are best to create natural aroma while decorating the venue beautifully.

  • Tulips

This amazingly adorable bloom is available in a variety of colors. All the couples who wish to see their venue popping with vibrant and bold colors, tulips are an excellent choice. But not just in hues do these beautiful blooms allure us, but with their aroma too. If you are one of those couples who would like to evoke scent memories only occasionally and not quite often, then tulips are indeed an excellent choice. Buy tulips at best price and turn your wedding day an aromatically amazing one.

  • Eucalyptus

The evoking of ‘scent memory’ can be rooted back to olden times where the use of scented flowers for weddings was a tradition. During those days, it didn’t just bloom that were used for bouquets and decor, but herbs with particular symbolism were also incorporated to them. Eucalyptus leaf, rosemary, basil, chamomile, peppermint all were used. So if you want any of your favorite but scentless flowers to be incorporated into your decor, then use these herbs along with it. You get to buy fresh seeded Eucalyptus these days!

So hop in to collect and decorate the venue with a bunch of fresh, captivating fragrances! Get delivery of arranged flowers for gift purpose too.


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