Commonly Used Foliage and Fillers on the Flower Arrangement.

Green is the color that symbolizes new beginnings and nature. However, the green doesn’t get the attention it deserves when decorated with flowers. Well, it’s common to overlook the filler flowers and greenery accompanying the flowers in an arrangement. But, it is important to understand that the fillers and foliage complement the bouquet. Further, they add texture and shape to the flower decoration. So, for those interested in exploring the options, here are some trending fillers and foliage that one can consider adding to their floral arrangement.


The foliage helps the florist to arrange the flowers beautifully with a natural appearance. Any bouquet or arrangement looks bigger and better with the use of real foliage. Below are some of the commonly used foliage. Most of this foliage is green in color, durable, and attractive.

  1. Messengena

It is a lesser-known greenery option that one can consider for their floral arrangement. For instance, those preparing a bouquet out of roses can make it appear bigger and better with the messengena leaves. Besides, for more inspiration, one can feel free to contact a florist for advice.

  1. Palm leaf

Another greenery option one can consider adding to their floral arrangement is the palm leaf. These leaves can beautify the floral centerpieces and even the arrangements made to be placed in the vase.

  1. Ruscus

The ruscus is a long stiff stem with a bright and long-lasting look, making them a widely used filler. They are perfect for arranging wedding flowers to table centerpieces for an event.

  1. Italian Ruscus

The rich green color and narrow tear-shaped leaves make the Italian Ruscus the best greenery option. They look beautiful on their own when used to decorate the tables and are nicely paired with candles to glam up and create a romantic feel.

  1. Eucalyptus

It is considered a staple and the most demanded foliage for weddings. The silvery and blue-green hues are perfect for warm and cool floral palettes. Further, it is even useful when dried out as it can form an autumn wreath.

  1. Leather Ferns

The leather fern is thick and extends out from the side to form a unique formation. The way this stem branches out makes a great addition to the floral arrangement or decor. Further, this foliage can stand alone in a vase or add a hint of tropical flair to a floral arrangement.

  1. Ivy

It is a perfect accessory to add to almost anything that ranges from a headdress to a table centerpiece. The Ivy leaves are unique because of their triangular shape, making them ideal for adding around in wreaths and floral baskets. Further, as it lasts for months, it works great for home decor during the holidays.

  1. Dusty Miller

This foliage has a wintry vibe and is often used in winter weddings and fall tablescapes. And as the leaves of this foliage are white and gray, it can nicely get paired with the pastels and looks amazing in bouquets. For a soft and chic look, it is recommended to match them with the pink and orange roses.

  1. Honey Bracelet

It has long stems decorated with thin and soft leaves. Further, its thin stem can be easily molded in any shape and used for almost anything. Generally, a honey bracelet is often used to create a flow in a floral arrangement because of its dropping stems.

  1. Grevillea

It is a unique greenery decor with red stems that branches out with multiple green leaves. Further, as the branch length varies, it can easily add depth to the floral decor. They are best suited for bouquets and accents to centerpieces.

  1. Song of Jamaica (Dracaena reflexa)

The Song of Jamaica has light yellow stripes on its green leaves, which makes them the best filler, especially for the arrangement of the flower beds.

  1. Song of India (Dracaena reflexa)

It is an attractive and easy-growing plant that one can easily incorporate into floral arrangements, similar to Song of Jamaica. Besides, those looking for inspiration can consider browsing online.

  1. Monstera deliciosa

Monstera has always been popular, but lately, it has been extending its way into the wedding flowers world. As per the trends, it’s now being used to add perfect greenery to arches, altarpieces, and walls to provide a new dramatic element to the brides and their designers.

  1. Myrtle

It is one of the popular options as it can be used in various ways. Because of its long stem and glossy leaves, this thick foliage looks best in floral centerpieces. Further, it has a sweet fragrance which makes it perfect home decor. And as myrtle represents love, the Foliage and Fillers can be seen in many wedding arrangements.

  1. Singapore fern

It is a common fern that can be seen growing throughout Singapore on the branches of roadside trees. Perfectly used for the gardening landscape, one can use this fern for home decor.


Filler Flowers

Gypsum (Baby’s Breath): These annual plants in shades of white or pale pink are essential fillers for bouquets and arrangements. They are one of the largest groups of carnations cultivated commercially. Florists in Dubai and any other part of the world are highly dependent upon them to make their arrangements bigger and more beautiful.

Wax Flowers: The blooms found in Western Australia are delicate in style. They require light pruning while arranging for a creative floral design. It is extremely easy to use these fillers in a bouquet to impress the recipients with their endearing quality.

Solidago: This is another type of filler for traditional floral arrangements. The combination of dark green foliage with yellow spray makes it an attractive and popular filler.

Statice: These colorful blooms also known as sea lavender make it the best florist choice in cut flowers as well as dried arrangements. It best symbolizes remembrance or showing sympathy when it comes to gifting purposes.

Sedum: This flower with different varieties can add color and variety to the flower arrangements. The cluster of these star-shaped fillers occupies a vital part of floral decorations. The Foliage and Fillers require less maintenance and thus are among the favorite of the flower shops.


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