Flowers and Passionate Love

Love is an eternal feeling, and people fumble for ways to express deepest emotions. Maybe your love interest is in a person whom you have known for a long time. And yet, the words hardly come out, and thus may fail miserably in conveying your true intentions. Probably, you try mixing up random words but still, the exact meaning is lost somewhere. This makes you wonder where you went wrong. Even the precise time and ideal location in confessing your feelings would not favor you in times of need. So, we propose gifting of flowers as the classic way of expressing your love. Since time immemorial, people rely on flowers to convey the message of love and even in this modern era, this act has never lost its charm.

Red Roses for the Budding Romance

As the ultimate token of love, the significance attributed to red roses far exceeds the feelings one nurture for each other. Invoking the intense feelings, a bouquet of red roses would seal your love with a response of ‘yes’ from your intending partner. The sweet smell and the bright hues would remind them of their life filled with happiness and colour, whereas the thorns would indicate the difficulties they would have to overcome in their life. There are many different ways of showering your love with red roses. Presenting either as a bouquet, box or basket, these fresh flowers would shoot their way into your loved one’s heart. Besides, the number of red flowers in a bouquet would speak of your intensity of love. Among all, 12 red roses bouquet is the most popular to express love with flowers.

The Trend of Potted Flowers

If your lover is enthusiastic about gardening, gifting her with a potted plant of flowering plants would add to the magnitude of your love. She would be overwhelmed with joy as she would never expect this gesture from your side. By imparting this dash of color in her life, you would be darting merrily to her positive reply. Moreover, since this is a lasting gift that has no expiry date, your beloved would remember your feelings at all times when she looks at it. Take the help of an online flower delivery company to deliver this gift and express love. Orchid plant or Anthurium in pot are the most popular gifts in this range.

Express your Love with Flowers

Anyone would prefer a neat way of presenting things and when it comes to a proposal, it must be clearly planned out. To avoid confusions, a simple bouquet would convey your deep emotions, and if at all you wish to piece together some extra goodies in the bunch, we would gladly undertake that too. It is too easy to say ‘I love you’ but with a beautiful bouquet of roses. It becomes straight forward from the depth of the heart. Thus, proclaim love in the language of flowers and see if it doesn’t result in a definite ‘yes.’ In varying combinations, diverse sizes and color palettes, our florists come up with irresistible design and arrangement that go with your charm and feel. So, make their hearts flutter and instill a coy smile through the wonderful bouquets we arrange. Call a physical shop or order online to ensure timely action.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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