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Express Feelings Sending Flowers
Express Feelings

To suppress or express is better for feelings? Be it pleasure or pain, express to another one is the best way to feel light inside. There are several ways to convey the feelings; words, smile, letters, email, hug or even sending flowers. Anyway, purpose is to feel some relaxation or to share the pain of someone else to make them better. There are many types of positive as well as negative feelings and let us see some of them below. Also let us see how people act or react on such situations. These feelings can have expressions that can lead responses from others.

Different Kinds of Feelings

  • Happiness – This feeling is the ultimate aim of working, making money, living together in family or in society. Expressing happiness is a positive way of bringing more of it by sharing. Sending flowers is one way of expressing best feelings of happiness.
  • Sadness – Death is one occasion of sadness out of separation. Many people use white flowers along with condolence message. Similarly, some other loss of material possessions also may lead to sadness.
  • Love– Feeling of love, makes people do anything for others including giving flowers or other gifts to express it well. This may be the greatest emotion that creates and maintain happiness.
  • Pain – When pain is out of ill health, there would be friends and relatives wishing “get well soon”. Flowers can also pacify someone suffering from emotional pain due to some other reason.
  • Disappointment – Any kind of loss or inability to achieve desire leads to disappointment. One who is suffering with this feeling can get a relief when someone else offer help in any way including delivery of a flower bouquet.
  • Loneliness – Any human being would like to have company of other suitable people. Thus, loneliness is an unbearable feeling of emptiness that can be solved only by someone else or by prayer.
  • Worry & Anxiety – These feelings may also affect physical well being. Send some pacifying words or give a bouquet of flowers that may help to provide some relief.
  • Sorry – Feeling sorry and to say that openly is common among relations, especially for those who are in love, leading family life, or working together. They may carry a basket of flowers or arrange a delivery to the door step.
  • Kindness – Kind words, soft approach or fresh flowers to express empathy. This is a divine quality that transcend your limitations and bring in positive changes.

Here we see that feelings are part of everyone’s life that requires understanding by others and suitable responses. One of the best ways to express feelings or to show response is sending flowers. Keep giving, keep receiving, and ensure sharing care.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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