6 Aspects Essential for an Event Venue Decoration

Who doesn’t dream of their event to be a showstopper! Be it weddings, birthdays, betrothals or even an office party, simply tossing things around and setting the room is the worst go you can opt for. A subtle brainstorm can eventually place a breathtaking beauty right in front of your eyes. Especially in these post covid times, when people are yearning for functions and get-togethers, why not make it memorable with an aesthetic twist! So, this time we have racked our brains and come up with 6 aspects that are essential for an event venue decoration. Read on and prep up to make your event and celebration truly special.

Appropriate Color

Colors are the soul of any decor and have the power to uplift the event to any level. The color you choose must have the ability to make one immerse themselves in the event whilst making sure it plays along the theme of the event. You can consult your planner or instincts (provided if it is a closed event, and ideally, all the guests are your lovelies) and choose the color palette worth staying for. 

Expert Lighting

You can’t go wrong with this, as lights are the literal mood setters of any event. You can’t just illuminate a room and expect it to churn beauty. There are varieties of lighting options available, ranging from classy chandeliers to modern pendants or ceiling lights dangling down. Line up lanterns and mini string lights are also amongst the trendsetters of event venue decoration. 

Suitable Flower Arrangements

Setting up these mystic beauties seems to be easy-peasy but, trust us, they are the major eye-catchers of your event, and one tinge of misplacement can’t be afforded. Flowers are literally ‘the enhancers’ since they lit up and multiplied the beauty of anything and everything. One thing to keep in mind is to give priority to seasonal flowers while you are choosing them. You can go with single or multiple florals in assortment like flower vase arrangement, baskets, and even with different shapes like a vertical, elliptical, crescent, etc. It can be used whether it is for table flower arrangements or to use for an additional decorative purpose. Make sure to decide the flowers and decoration you need prior to the event and avoid the hassle situation and the last moment panic.  

Table & Chair Settings

Proper table and chair settings mean double the cuisine experience. Who doesn’t admire well-decorated seating arrangements? Nowadays, one can go for themed seating arrangements wherein even the color of the drapes determines the beauty rate of the event. We would recommend you to go for expert advice from a planner or designer since these arrangements can vary according to the size, location and even the view around the venue. So make sure you have the right go-to person who knows the drill.

Food Display

Being the center of attention of any event, you can’t even imagine any fault in the food display. Yes, you heard it right. Food displays have a say in beautifying events. Doughnut walls, chocolate fountains, food trucks, interactive vegetable design are some recent go tos. A tinge of extra effort can lead you to several DIY ideas, or you can seek expert advice as well. Either way, make sure you exhibit art for a display. 

Backdrop Decoration

Last but not least, backdrop arrangement is the king in the event venue decoration since it has the magic to make your attendees fall for the event if done right. Depending on the event, you are free to play it safe with subtle décor or take a leap with grand décor. But, both of them must fulfill the mandatory out of the world vibes. A professional, local florist can provide the best suitable solution to arrange table arrangements and decoration



Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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