Essential Items to Carry in a Floral Supply Kit

Behind every skilled florist is their work box, full of tools of their trade. To begin with, there are certain indispensable items that you require to make neat flower arrangements. With some primary florist supplies, you can take your designs’ appearance and quality to a professional-looking level.

Following is a list of necessary items in floral supply kit:

  1. Adhesive

Most people usually have two types of adhesive at home – white glue for all purposes and super glue. Nevertheless, florist adhesive is different from both of these as it works in wet and cold conditions to instantly attach your fresh flowers to glass, wet foam, plastic, foliage, ribbons, etc.

  1. Frogs or Kenzan

Flower frogs, also known as Kenzan, are useful in holding flowers in position whilst also adding to the aesthetics of the design. These are primarily needed in shallow containers, where the anchoring piece is visible. Frogs resemble tiny pincushions, with the pins facing upwards.

  1. Branch Cutter

There are many kinds of cutting tools that a florist uses, including floral scissors, bunch cutters, and ribbon shears. However, a branch cutter is the key to preparing flower stems for conditioning. If you applying regular scissors for this task, you will soon undergo hand fatigue and the scissor blades will turn dull. A branch cutter can easily slice hardened stems and woody branches.

  1. Clear Tape

This helps in making grids on vase tops and also on top of containers to keep the flowers in place.  Waterproof tape is also necessary to secure the stems of flowers like calla lilies.

  1. Foam

The green floral foam in floral supply kit has two main purposes: to firmly secure the flowers in the arrangement and to keep them fresh. Before placing flower stems into the foam, make sure to hydrate them for around two hours in a solution of water and flower food. These sponge-like materials come in various shapes and sizes to accentuate your designs.

  1. Green Tape

Green floral tape does not stick at first, but it is quite stretchy and will attach to itself as you wrap the stems. Use green tape to tightly wrap a bunch of flower stems together like in a corsage or a wedding bouquet. Beginners using floral tape can find it more convenient to work with many small pieces of tape.

  1. Flower Food

Flower food is the arrangement-extending elixir that you can buy in large quantities to increase the lifespan of your flowers. This white powder primarily consists of three ingredients to keep the stems fresh: a nutrient to feed the flowers, a biocide to check fungal growth and an acidifier to balance the pH level of the water.

Other than the above-mentioned items, you can also keep a water pick handy, to hydrate flowers with shorter stems. You can also use wires to support flowers with thin stems and overbearing blossoms. With these items in your kit, make the most beautiful flower arrangements with minimum clutter and effort. A florist in Dubai will have all these essential items in his kit to make beautiful arrangement.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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