A Delicate Gift for New Year

Happy New Year

Again, a new year, full of hope, with lot of gratefulness, still holding some desires and we invite it with a fresh confidence. We do not forget that it is the present moment that is after all much important. It is to show this mindfulness in present that we suggest the most delicate New Year gift. Just wish someone right way with fresh flowers for an awesome start of a year.

Give and Take

Giving wholeheartedly in the beginning of the year will lead to “taking” later. A bouquet of fresh flowers can express the beauty of relationship louder than a million words. Let coming year be of peace, harmony, love, prosperity and togetherness. How a flower delivery shop in Dubai can help in building and wishing new habits on the occasion of New Year? Definitely, by the sincere efforts to fulfill as order and by keeping up the promise it is possible to win hearts.

New Year and New Habits

There are several years in our life to give, take and enjoy. Each of these years is areal celebration of life. But unfortunately, some people limit the celebration to the New Year day. What to accept, what to reject and how to do it without hurting others is the most important lesson to learn in this journey.

A New Beginning

Be mindful, practice patience and grow learning from real flowers. Turn inward is equally important as turning outwards towards others. Inward is a “giving yourself” experience. Keep practicing is very essential, and thus just giving year gift, do not expect miracles happening. It is just the beginning of the change and the apt time is New Year. That’s all!

First it is an intense effort but that surely will lead to effortlessness at least in a year time. So just start with it at New Year time. Deeper realization will happen only when there is thoughtful beginning. It may take time and may require patience and perseverance. It is time to start for a new life.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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