Combinations of flowers for bouquet in Dubai.

Combination of different verities flowers makes the bouquet more beautiful and attractive. Different colors or types of flowers when combined make the arrangement brighter and bigger. Florists try different mixtures as per the suitability and style of presentation.

Most Common Combinations of Flowers

Lilies & Roses:

lilies and rosesCombination of white lilies and red roses, pink lilies and pink roses are preferred by many of our regular customers. Give the best but not very expensive is often the choice. Cheapest item in our flower shop with delivery anywhere in Dubai costs AED150/-, but never compromise on quality of product or service. Hand bouquet of red roses and white lilies or a glass vase arrangement of same flowers is elegant when decorated and arranged properly. Same way some prefer full white but combination of lilies and roses with simple or transparent wrapping. Fully bloomed or just closed buds that would take time to open up is often choices given by customers while ordering for flowers, and our florists follow them.

Roses & Orchids:

lilies roses orchids basket
Lilies, Roses, Orchids Big Basket

Roses and orchids together makes wonderful combination in flower basket arrangements. Dendrobium orchids are short and thus they can be used at the lower side. Red roses and white orchids, white roses with purple orchids etc. combinations are of high demand.

Chrysanthemum & Carnations:

Chrysanthemum are mostly with multiple blooms but carnations, except their spray verity are with single bloom. Combination of them helps florist to achieve best results especially in table arrangements and decorations. Cheaper and colorful floral displays are possible with this combination.

For those who make it a habit to send flowers, knows exactly what need to be selected as per the gender of the recipient, age or occasion. New customers may often go for what attracts them from the collection of arrangements in each category. This same day or any day service often brings back peace and happiness at home, starts new relationship, or helps the partner to feel better. It is a great thing and that is the reason they all come back to the most reliable and experienced flower delivery Dubai Company.

Please consider the following while selecting combination of flowers for bouquet in Dubai

1) Lilies available in Dubai are a) Oriental Lilies b) Asiatic Lilies and C) Calla Lilies. We use Oriental lilies in all the combination bouquets.

2) Oriental lilies have multiple flowers in one stem. They are available in pink and white colors.

3) We use watered floral foams to keep the flowers fresh in a bouquet.

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