Birth Flowers by Month and Their Meanings

Yes, you heard it right! It is not just zodiac signs or stones that correspond to your birth month. There are mystic beauties as flowers out there to grace your birth months. Confess it or not, we all are mildly or severely obsessed about knowing our personality traits according to our birth months. What started from signs and stones have reached colors and trees, then why not flowers. Therefore, here’s our edition of birth flowers by month and their meanings. Read on and find ‘yourself’.

January – Carnations

Carnations denote love, and owing to their flawless beauty, they are the familiar ones in bouquets, box arrangement etc. Apart from being the epitome of love, carnations denote admiration and hope. This means the January babies are worth admiring for and filled with the most optimistic state of mind – hope.

February – Iris and Violet

Apparently, red is not the color of Valentine month. Violet, it is! Iris and Violet symbolize immense faithfulness, and so do Feb-born. Put your faith in them, and they will never break, no matter what. Therefore, encompassing yourself with February people is the best decision one can take.

March – Daffodils         

This sunshine for a flower is for March heads. Being the national flower of Wales, Daffodils are known for new beginnings, making the March born as head to toe optimistic and cheerful folks. They tend to be literal rays of sunshine in everyone’s life, and one is lucky to have a mere presence of them in their lives. So, hold on tight to your march born sunshine!

April – Daisy

If you are an April baby, you are as pure as a daisy. Who doesn’t admire a bunch of daisies in their vase? Being the purest version of themselves, April born folks are innocent and the best addition to our lives.

May – Lily of the Valley

This flower by month and their meaning goes with Hailed as May’s celebrated flower, Lily of the Valley symbolizes sweetness. This white beauty itself is an example of sweet fragrance so do May folks. It is one hundred percent sure that they may take you down with their extreme delicacy and sweet nature, just like the flower.

June – Roses

Roses don’t need further explanations about their dominance in the flower world. Especially red roses are top choice when it comes to selecting a floral gift. So do the June heads. Crowned as the queen of romance, roses are the birth flowers of June born. They are the most romantic people you have ever met, and lucky are the ones whose partners are born in June.

July – Waterlily   

Who doesn’t need abundant positivity in life, and the only way to surround yourself with positive people is to associate with July folks? With Water Lily as their birth flowers, which symbolizes positivity, July heads can brag about their in-hand kind nature and positivity.

August – Gladiolus  

Gladiolus is often known as the sword lily, and the August-born people have honesty as their sword of honor. A rainbow for a flower, it is said that the flower got its name from ‘gladius’, meaning sword. August born tend to have strong character and are honest to the core. So, make sure, you don’t take them for granted.

September – Asters

These fall flowers denote wisdom and are the birth flower of September people. Just like the flower, they are considered the star of the person due to their wise thinking and perspectives.

October – Marigold

Most creative people are born in September since they have Marigold as their birth flower. As bright and colorful are the flowers, the same goes for the September folks. Their vibrant nature and creativity are worth rooting for and if you have a Marigold in your life, cheers to you!

November – Chrysanthemum

November borns are straight-up loyal, for they have Chrysanthemum up their sleeves. Chrysanthemum is the flower version of loyalty, and the people born in this month are the perfect ones to have in one’s life.

December – Narcissus

Narcissus is the perfect Christmas flower, and it symbolizes wealth. Wealthy in riches or personality December people tend to bring good fortune to the one’s surrounding them. So, cherish the Narcissus in your circle! Now you understand the complete things about the flowers by month and their meaning. Give a special treat to yourself or your dear ones using the guideline. Give flowers to relatives or someone close to you according to their birth month and make their day more meaningful and gorgeous.


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