An Awesome Year of Our Life

Each one of us is being gifted with a few years to live in this world. We do not know where we come from and where we go after this short span of allocated years. Let us count on each of these years which is real blessings, but at the same time as mix of pleasures and pains. Tonight we mark the end of another year of happenings and thus immediately start with the next one tomorrow morning. We should be thankful for being alive, for what we received. It is the time to remember all those who helped us in this one year journey of life.

Last Year…Last Day

Yellow roses in vase as gift There would be good and bad memories to carry on. But let us free our brain from the images of bad incidents or rather learn lessons from them and move ahead. For some people it was overall a good year but some it was really a horrible year as well. But see that every day there was sun coming up and brightening up a day thus gifting us 365 days. It is true that there were rainy days, bad weather, hot and cold days. Same way there was sickness, accidents, hospitalization, jail or other unwanted incidents. So, it is just by the happenings that we judge about a year. Today on our last day, let us reflect on the fact that life is a mix of good and bad, right and wrong, pleasure and pain same as day and night.

New Year…. New Life

In fact every day brings a new life. We can bring in changes every day that may sometime be a turning point. Similarly, New Year can give us a new life in spirit though the body and mind remains same. It may be mistake to say that the body and mind remains same. Just recall how you were on a New Year eve 20 years back. Body and mind grows older but the soul can get renewed every day and thus every year. Let us take new decisions for that change in spirit and celebrate a new beginning. It is our decision and subsequent action that brings in real change. Therefore, let us decide for a new life and work towards it in coming year.

Start a New Year with Fresh Flowers

Flowers show us that life is short and beautiful. There is nothing better than fresh flowers to remind our family and friends to start a new life. Buy and send flowers as gift on New Year, wishing happy and prosperous life. What you do for others is certain to come back. Have a peaceful and blessed year!


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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