A Small Guide on Preparing the Perfect Gift for Your Crush

Only you understand that tingling, exciting, fluttering, and heart-warming feeling when you are around that special someone. How just being around them fills your stomach with butterflies and makes your heart skip a beat. Having a crush is a priceless feeling, the smile that automatically fills your face when you see or think of them attests to the same. Today, we’re here to help you actually do something about it instead of daydreaming that someday just magically she’ll be yours. A personalized gift is sure to get your crush’s attention and here we are presenting you with some tips on how you can make that gift more special.

Keep Your Gift Simple Yet Memorable

How do you make a good impression? Well, a simple yet memorable gift definitely tops our list. You don’t want to come off as too tacky or cheesy by going over the top, but you also don’t want to be so subtle that your crush completely misses the point. Women love when men listen, and are observant and percipient. Give something that shows her that you see beyond the superficial and actually care about her needs and likings. Give her something that she can use daily, that way whenever she looks at it she’ll be reminded of you.

Think of What She May be Interested in

The more personalized your gift is the better will be the impression. If you want your gift to stand apart, you’re going to have to put in some extra efforts in exploring in order to figure out the gift ideas she will love. If you’re gifting an edible item find out about her favorite foods. Or if it’s a pen or locket try to find what color she likes. It is also important to keep your gift in line with her immediate interests to make your gift as meaningful as possible. For instance, if she’s into reading, figures out her favorite author and give a related book or if she’s into music, a Spotify Playlist with songs suited to her taste would be a great way to make a powerful impression.

Include a Little Bit of Yourself to the Gift

A gift is more likely to take you a step closer to your goal if it has an element of something you both have in common. A common interest can lead to deep and meaningful conversations and ultimately a strong bond. Including a bit of yourself in the gift is also important to let her know a little something about you too. What you wish your gift to portray totally depends on you. A flower bouquet gift can signify the passion and little sweet plant pods can make you come across as a thoughtful and decent human being.

Make it Presentable and Cute

The best way to appreciate beauty is with beauty. Nothing spells love and care like a gift that shows your true efforts. The excitement that gifts induce is in part thanks to their packaging and presentation. A cute, well-decorated, and neatly packed gift can set the stage for a great impression on your crush. You can wrap your gift with paper in patterns and colors of her liking to make it more personalized.

Attach a Personalized Greeting Card

Women are naturally more attracted to men who are confident and expressive of their emotions. A personalized greeting card with a romantic quote or a heartfelt message would allow you to connect with your special someone on a deeper, more emotional level.


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