8 Amazing Ways to Make a Flower Bouquet Gift Better


Sweet flowers and bouquets are great choices of gifts on their own. But giving them in combination with certain other things can vivify the experience.

Add a Cake to the Flower Bouquet




When you are thinking of giving baked goodies or birthday cake with flowers to someone, there may be many options available to choose from an online shop. The baked goodies go well with flowers, especially for birthdays. You can also select cakes with flower-shaped icings to make it more interesting. If you like matching colors, pick a cake that matches the hue of the bouquet.

Include Chocolates to the Flower Order

Chocolate is love. It can bring warmth to your bouquet.  And conveniently chocolates come in beautiful, ready to gift packages. Many florists today sell chocolates with flowers as they are becoming an immensely popular combo.

Add Balloons to the Flower Delivery



Balloons are not just for kids. It can be a fun surprise as a gift for anyone. And as they come in a variety of shapes and colors, you can pick something that suits your bouquet. If you want to elevate their happiness go for helium balloons with flowers. And just make sure that there are no protruding thrones and stems that will pop out of your little fun bubbles.

Make a Combo of many gift items

As the saying goes, ‘the more, the merrier’. If you are lost for choice when selecting a companion gift for your bouquet, consider adding more than one item.

Add Some Fun to the Flowers with a Teddy Bear



Teddy bear toys can bring joy to anyone. Since these cuddlies come designed for every occasion like birthday, Valentine’s Day, and even simple expressions like I am sorry or I love you, it is easy to find one that fits your needs. Teddy bears serve as a long-lasting memoir of your moments together.

Give Sweet Treat in Indian or Arabic Style

Flowers are sweet gifts but you can make them sweeter. Indian sweets and flowers make a good combination. Gulab Jamun with roses feels as sweet as it sounds. Rasagula, Burfi, Soan papdi, halwa you never run out of choices.  The same is true for Arabian sweets such as baklava, kunafeh, basbousa as well.

Add Fruits, Nuts, or Dry Fruits to the Flowers

Fruits, nuts, and dried fruits too are great to go with flowers. And they make a unique combo for gifting along with bouquets. You can get a mixed bag of dried fruits and nuts at a reasonable price.

Include Personalized Mugs, Pen, Perfume or Other Gifts

Gifts are about showing your care. Flowers, despite all their sweetness, can be a bit tad generic. That extra effort to find a personalized gift can make a big difference to the receiver. This will make sender and receiver happy with the gift. If the receiver is a coffee aficionado, pick a cup with a photo of you two printed on it. Or a pen with their name on it, if they are bookish.  This will also make sure that they are reminded of you every day. Another exquisite item that can accompany a bouquet is perfume.

Next time you buy a bouquet for your beloved ones, try finding a combo from one of the above ideas.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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